Bettalife Water Filter Jug Instruction Manual

Welcome to your new BettaLife Water Filter Jug. Your jug comes with a lifetime guarantee which covers all mechanical breakdowns for the lifetime of the jug or until it breaks down, whichever occurs first.
Be sure to fill out your registration form so we can let you know of any special offers or product recalls in the event that the chemicals used in the filter are discovered to be carcinogenic once again.
Remove jug from the outer carton, inner carton, polystyrene cradle, polythene bag and remove the plastic transit restraints and silica gel envelopes. Please dispose of all packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. We are an environmentally responsible company.
Before first use, wash jug thoroughly with freshly filtered water. This product is safe for use by a dishwasher. Assemble lid assembly by assembling the parts as shown on the assembly diagram on the box.
Part 1 (the bottom) fits underneath Part B (the top). Be careful not to fit these parts the wrong way round otherwise the water can fall out unexpectedly. Incorrect assembly will invalidate your guarantee.
If you have model number 4653TGY#FYV then the fitted filter life indicator needs to be twisted very slightly clockwise before first use. The model number is clearly printed in very small print somewhere on the outside of the packaging. If you have model number 4654TGY#FYV then the fitted filter life indicator needs to be twisted very slightly anticlockwise before first use. It is very important not to twist the wrong way as this part is easily damaged. Incorrect directional twisting of the filter life indicator can result in injury and will invalidate your guarantee. Replacement filter life indicators are available from your local service centre in Beijing.

Insert the freshly rinsed filter into the filter reception aperture being careful to observe the correct polarity. Incorrect insertion of water filters can damage your jug and filter and probably your kitchen and such damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Your filter should last approximately 71 refills and must be changed when the filter life indicator reads 43 or in the case of hard water areas, 7. Replacement water filters can be purchased from one of our authorised partners in convenient locations in Mumbai, Sydney, Boise Idaho and McAlister’s Hardware in Chipping Sodbury. It is important to only use original parts as cheap copies can explode, killing everybody in the vicinity. This will also invalidate your guarantee.
To fill the jug, place under a tap and turn it on, remembering to open the lid first. Fill the jug to the point marked Fill To This Point


No water coming out of spout – Water jug is empty. Refill
Outside of water jug wet – Water jug overfilled.
Water on Kitchen floor – water jug is upside down

Should you notice any slightly unpleasant taste in the filtered water this should wear off over time and is a harmless side effect of the strontium 90 crystals used in the filter. Should the unpleasant taste not wear off or you notice any loss of vision or bowel control it is advisable to replace the filter. Loss of vision or bowel control is not covered by the guarantee.
Correct adherence to these guidelines will ensure many weeks of service from your water filter jug.