David's Shorts

I have a tendency to create Random Writings from time to time. Sometimes these are the beginnings of things that have never happened, sometimes they are supplements to other writings. At times I write short pieces for charities or as stand-alone pieces to amuse. So, here are the random contents of one of my writing drawers.

Leaving Samantha

Tony Ryan is trapped. Trapped in a job he hates in a faceless office somewhere in the City of London. Trapped in a marriage to which he never remembers actually agreeing and trapped in a world which he desperately wants to escape. Here is a series of short prequels for the Comedy Novel, The Return of The Hippy.

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Orgiva Guidebook - Rejected

My local town invited contributions for their new guidebook. They were delighted to discover they had a writer living nearby and thought it might be an idea to approach me for a contribution. They failed to realise that I write comedy so the ensuing entry from me met with a degree of surprise and a short note of rejection. Shame.

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This Text Contains Product Placement

This is just a random short visualising what a visit to the doctor would be like when we finally turn over healthcare to some un-named tech giant which specialises in searching and trying to sell us iPhones!

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Bettalife Water Filter Jug Instruction Manual

I recently bought a water jug. My part in trying to save the planet. At first sight, this seemed a simple device. Pour tap water in, pour crystal clear filtered water out. Just to make sure that I understood how to pour water in and out, I decided to break with a lifetime tradition and this time, actually read the instruction manual. That was a mistake.

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