hippy 500A tale of ‘What if you could have a second chance?’

A tale of hope and new beginnings for all of us who want to scream, “Hang on a minute, can I have another go at that?”

A tale of finding out there is more to this world than racing to the end as quickly as possible.

A tale of possibilities where sometimes trusting that somebody else has a plan for you is the best plan of all.

A tale of finding peace in the unlikeliest of places (and it’s not where Tony Blair thinks it is either.)

A tale of validation for the gentle soul and a home for the wandering one.

A tale of finding out that friends are not just a button on Facebook or a scorecard and that the world can not be summed in a hundred and fo

A tale one man’s journey to rediscover the path he was supposed to take… before it’s too late.