New book David LuddingtonWell, The Bank of Goodliness launched to an unbelievably warm welcome, a flurry of Five Star reviews and a handsome position in the top ten of the Humour Charts.

Thank you all for your patience and I hope you find it will have been worth the wait. This is the longest book I’ve written so should keep you occupied a while longer than normal!

The Bank of Goodliness is a little diversion from my other books in as much as it tackles a larger issue than previously. Normally I take gentle digs at issues which disturb me such as the treatment of returning soldiers in Camp Scoundrel or the difficulties facing the Care System in the UK in Whose Reality. This time, it’s the turn of the banking industry. About time, I hear you ask? I’ve veered away from this in the past as firstly, I always thought they’d clean up their act before I could finish writing a book about it, and secondly, finding humour in an industry which thrives on the misfortune of others seemed tricky.
However, as the industry not only fails to clean up its act and actually seems to be further deteriorating with scandals still emerging, I felt it necessary to lampoon them quickly before they come up with ideas more ridiculous than I ever could. I think I made it just in time!

Even so, one of the difficulties with writing this book has been the fact that events in the world just kept getting more absurd than what I was writing and I had to ramp up the lunacy for fear of it reading like a BBC documentary. Even then, as it went to press, I noticed yet another fiasco surfacing that made even the most outrageous of my ideas look like today’s news. I will have to try harder to be even more ridiculous or the world is going to see me a serious writer and I can’t have that.

I hope you enjoy it and would welcome any views.