It’s Christmas Again!

Well, the Christmas Tree is up and I’m busy fattening up the Veggie Roast and wondering if I’ve left it too late to plant Brussel Sprouts. The village has installed its Christmas light. This is a big thing as we’ve never had a Christmas light before and now we all waiting with breath suitably bated to see if the local council can now raise enough money to be able to switch it on. At least for a few minutes. It’s not that the council budget is really that small, it’s just that Christmas tends to come at the end of the year and therefore catches them by surprise after having blown their festivity budget on fireworks some weeks before.
Fireworks in rural Spain are not the glorious pyrotechnical displays of a Guy Fawkes Night on the Thames, here, they are used to announce to other villages across the valley that the subject village is having a party. They are a proclamation of the fun, the louder the bangs, the more fun the village is having. It is also a matter of village pride that one’s own village is having more fun the other villages in the region. The competition is fierce to make more frequent and louder bangs than everybody else. Sometimes, in some villages, the whole fiesta consists of a pair of village elders standing lonely in the plaza letting off marine rescue rockets which echo round the whole valley and send all our brave dogs running to hide under the bed.

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I recently signed a deal with WF Howes to take my back catalogue into Audiobooks. They are the world’s leading audiobook supplier and distribute via Amazon and many other outlets. This means that Schrodinger’s Cottage, The Money That Never Was & Camp Scoundrel will all soon be available to ears near you! My other books are already available on Amazon Audible and would make perfect Christmas gifts… Shameless plug No.1