It’s Here!

The Farmhouse Five Go Quizzing is finally here, and there is a fantastic competition to accompany the launch.

When the Little Didney Animal Rescue Centre is threatened with closure, the fate of the animals rests entirely on a quiz team from the local pub. The Farmhouse Five, the collective leftovers rejected by the other teams.

Can these five quiz team refugees beat 2,000 other teams in a massive quiz chase across the South West of England? The prize is a 1,000 acre estate left in the will of an eccentric millionaire, but the challenge is huge. Not only have the Farmhouse Five never once won their local pub quiz, but now, somebody else isn’t playing fair.

While the Farmhouse Five race against the clock to solve the clues, time is also running out for the animals.

Can a ragtag team of misfits really take on some of the best quiz brains in the country?

Can they manage to keep all of their teammates out of trouble long enough to complete the challenge at all?

And can you solve the enigmatic entry clue?

Our brave heroes have to solve clues to different locations around the southwest of England, and you can see if you can solve them before the team. However, there is one clue, the Entry Clue, where the answer is not given in the book. This is for you to solve!

Pointing to a location somewhere in southwest England, the Entry Clue is given in the early stages of the book. If you can solve the clue, you stand a chance of winning one of ten Special Collector’s Hardback Editions of the book. Destined to be a rare item which, at some time in the future, will probably change hands for millions of pounds in Sotheby’s, this edition is released to support the rescue animals of rural Spain.

For those who may not be aware, Spain has no equivalent to the RSPCA or the PDSA, instead, relying completely on volunteers to rescue and re-home the strays and waifs.

I have teamed up with one very busy organisation, Valle Verde Animal Rescue, who have saved hundreds of dogs and cats over the years.

To enter, you will need to solve the clue contained within the text of the book, then enter your answer here

Enter Here


The competition is run in partnership with Valle Verde Animal Rescue, a cause very close to my heart. I would like to invite you to check out the work they do and, if you are able, to send a little help their way. Just click on their logo here.