Tails of the Alpujarras

Please help abandoned dogs and order your own copy and support the great work that Valle Verde is doing in rescuing these animals.

BookstackAlthough the book is available locally and in most good bookshops we suggest that most people head to Amazon for their copy. This keeps distribution costs lower and whilst Amazon will take their cut, lots of sales there and reviews will drive up the profile and put it in front of a worldwide readership.

Please tell your friends wherever they are that they too can help by buying a copy or two and maybe sending them as gifts?

Courtesy of artist Alison Edwards we now have a lovely cover for the book. I think all will agree it’s a charming and engaging image.

We have a wide variety of contributions ranging from well known authors including Chris Stewart through to first timers. Some of the contributions have had to be edited for legal reasons and normal publishing processes but mostly the editors have tried to retain the contributions as close as possible to the original author’s creative flow!

The final list of contributions and authors is here…

The Near Death Of Bumble                               Chris Stewart

A Guilty Tale                                                               David Bull

Algeria                                                                            Meg Robinson

And SIT                                                                          Charlotte Moore

Buddy – Perro Espanol                                        Jane Walters

Saxon                                                                              David Luddington

Me & Mrs Jones                                                       David Bull

Cassidy                                                                         Kirsten Rose

Daphne’s Story                                                        Francesca Stewart

Jack’s Story                                                               Leonora Finch

Jazz & The Restoration Of Harmony        Craig Briggs

Chickens                                                                   Victoria Twead

Dogs… Smarter Than The Average Bear          David Bull

Jonathan Twit                                                         Jonathan Fogell

Lead For Gold                                                           Lizzie Wynn

Lola’s Story                                                                 Arpy Shively

Scout                                                                           Jeff Jones

Man’s Best Friend                                                 Nick Collins

Marmalade                                                               N.R. Phillips

Pussies Galore                                                        N.R. Phillips

The Secret                                                                    Janice Bell

It’s A Dog’s Life                                                          Fran Scott

From La Marina to La Finca                                Sandra Piddock

That’s When The Big Fight Started                 Ann Patras

The Cat Who Fell From The Sky                         Rosemary Lewis

The Strays Who Came In From The Cold      Margaret Burrows

The Tortoise And The Hare                                  Valerie Collins

Dog’s Angel                                                                     Sarah Luddington

The Winner Takes It All                                          Sandra Stass

What A Lucky Little Lad                                         Jonathan Fogell

What In The Sam Hill                                              Tina Mattern

A Day In The Life Of Phoebe                               Sue Evans

Rafa                                                                                    Pauline Rodgers

When Our Beloved Pets Go To Spirit            Alison Wynne-Ryder

Trooper                                                                             Elizabeth Revill

The book is being published in both paperback and ebook format and will be available through Amazon and all good bookshops.