New Novel Progress

My latest novel is provisionally titled ‘Camp Scoundrel’ and is once more centred around Southern Spain.

Michael Purdey, recently discharged from serving as an Electronics Warfare Specialist with a Special Forces Unit, strikes a blow for a fairer world. Determined to prove to the Minister of Work and Pensions the impossibility of expecting injured service personnel to survive on the pittance granted them, Michael hacks the MInister’s bank and wipes out his wealth. The plan is short lived however and Michael soon finds himself facing a judge who offers an ultimatum;  take a group of Low-Risk Offenders to a remote location and teach them survival skills or spend five years in prison.

For six months, Michael and his group are expected to perfect their skills and survive in a remote mountain region of southern Spain. However, Michael has a little secret which he neglected to mention to the judge. Our intrepid Military Specialist knows nothing at all about survival skills and his whole military career consisted of sitting in tents or vans while remotely hacking the enemies computers. Even his glowing selection results were the result of a little tinkering with the Ministry of Defence’s I.T. systems.

Before long the group realise the only way they are going to survive the six months, is combining their own unique skill sets.