My latest comedy novel, Camp Scoundrel, is now available and at an Early-Bird Discount of only 99p.

Many readers have asked for a follow up to the very popular Forever England and although not a direct sequel, Camp Scoundrel revisits the same region of Southern Spain, the Alpujarras.

New comedy novel from best selling author David Luddington


When ex-SAS soldier, Michael Purdy, comes in front of the judge for hacking the bank account belonging to the Minister for Invalidity Benefits and wiping out his personal wealth, he braces himself for a prison sentence.

What Michael doesn’t expect, is to be put in charge of a group of offenders and sent to a remote location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain to teach them survival skills as part of their rehabilitation programme.

But Michael knows nothing at all about survival skills. He was sort of in the SAS, yes, but his shining record on the “Escape and Evasion” courses was more a testament to his computer skills than his ability to catch wildlife and barbecue it over an impromptu fire. Basically, he was the SAS’s techy nerd and only achieved that position as a result of a bet with a fellow hacker.

Facing a stark choice between starvation or returning home to serve out their sentences, the group of offenders under Michael’s supervision soon realise that the only way to survive is to use their own unique set of skills – the kind of skills that got them arrested in the first place.



…“But I know nothing about Special Forces Survival Techniques. I was a Signaller, assigned to 22 SAS. The key word here is assigned. Not actually in the Special Forces. You see?”
“No, not really, but please elucidate.”
“Well, you know when James Bond abseils over the side of the desert stronghold and blows the doors off with an explosive concealed in his Rolex?”
“And then he kills five bad guys with his hat before opening the case which holds the nuclear detonator?”
“I’m familiar with the tropes.”
“And when he looks at the timer on the control panel and talks through his radio ballpoint pen to a geek sat in the back of a van twelve miles away and asks him to crack the password?”
“Well, that’s me. The geek in the van that is, not James Bond.”