David Luddington best selling author comedy novels humourIn case you don't know, I write comedy. Gentle British comedy. Having grown up with P.G. Wodehouse, the Ealing Comedies and the Carry On movies I like to think I've captured the tone of traditional British Humour but brought it firmly into the...where are we now? No... Not going to think about that ...

Be a Character in my Next Comedy!

If you have read any of my books, you will know they usually feature an array of slightly eccentric people. If you would like to be immortalised in print in my next comedy book, just enter this free draw. You will also receive a free signed copy and a mention in the front of the book.

The working title is ‘The Bank Of Goodliness’ and concerns a parish priest recruited as CEO of a major bank to clean up their heavily tarnished image. Think ‘Yes Minister’ meets “The Rev’ and you’ll have some idea.

The book should be published later this year.

Remember, you will get extra entries in the draw for sharing to your friends.

Good Luck!

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